Mannequin Challenge by Ali Zafar

The deteriorating relations between India and Pakistan could not make it possible for the Ali Zafar to be active in promoting his Bollywood movie Dear Zindagi, which released this Friday.

For Ali Zafar’s fans, his role in the film is still a mystery. The actor tried his best to promote his role through social media before the release of the movie. Further, the title song of the film sung by Ali Zafar is also becoming a big hit. If you are excited about watching the film and enjoying the acting of your favourite star then here is the movie’s review.

Gauri Shinde, the debut director of the Bollywood hit English Vinglish, featured the Aliya Bhatt in the role of a protagonist female who didn’t want this society to judge her personality merely on her actions.

Alia who is just passing through existential crises gets ditched by both of her boyfriends Ali Zafar and Kunal Kapoor. Further, she has not a good relationship with her parents who live in Gowa. After her break ups, Aliya decides to move back to her hometown but remembering her tense relation with her parents she become sad.

Amidst all these circumstances she decides to consult a psychiatrist who is doctor Jahangir Khan, a character played by the Shahrukh Khan.

So, Bollywood movie dear Zindagi roams around the Shahrukh Khan and Aliya’ sessions while Ali Zafar and Kunal Kapoor play a supporting role to make Aliya suffer an existential crisis.


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