Alien: Covenant
Alien: Covenant Poster

Alien Covenant is one of the most iconic movie franchise but failed to raise the stake this time for horror movie genre. The popularity of the franchise can be measured by the fact that many popular games franchises have roped in Alien as a guest character due to the star value it brings. But sadly, the times have changed, and the generation has moved on from the 80’s style of campy horror. Even if one goes through the trailer, it has nothing new to offer except for the shower scene to add to the shock value. And one thing that does not make sense that why would anyone poke their nose into an egg of some unknown species in a really dark cave.

It is a predecessor to the 2012 movie Promethus. Here the director Scott missed a big opportunity and rather then using this template for creating a franchise on the lines of the Kong Skull Island, delivered a movie that is very formulaic, to say the least. We won’t be adding spoilers here, but the fact is the story is awfully similar to other movies. As a matter of fact, even Alien Covenant has been rebooted sixth time, and thus the plot loses the freshness that must be the hallmark of a horror movie.

The only saving grace of the film is the performance of Michael Fassbender. Despite being handicapped by the frailties of the script, he gave a convincing account of his abilities. This failure though is going to strike him hard as it is his second failure this year as even the much hyped Assassin’s Creed failed at the box office. The other thing that this movie shows is that the “haunted house” and “deformed aliens” were some of the things that looked decent in 80’s and 90’s and today’s market does not seem to be that concerned about such movies. The box office prospects of Alien Covenant does look grim.


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