American wishing the muslims new year in unique way

Deviating from the principle of a traditional way of wishing new year; an American has done something amazing to show his harmony with his Muslim neighbors.

The man just wrote a letter for the appeasement of the American Muslim community and ensured them that he wants to see them in the country as an addition to the cultural diversity and he is really happy to have them as a neighbor.

He not only expressed his concerns over the post elections condition that resulted in rising of Islamophobia in the country but also confessed that he prayed for the betterment of the community.

The letter was shared by a Twitter user who wrote, “This letter was left outside our Mosque by one of our delightful neighbors. Things like this are what make #MakeAmericaGreatAgain in his tweet.

After Donald Trump won the elections, the cases of hate crimes against Muslims saw a surge, the conditions also made the American Muslim community to reconsider their existence in the country for future. Still, there is a significant American majority that believes in a culture of mutual harmony and co-existence with all the communities. Expressing such sentiments for fellow beings on the event of the new year is indeed an excellent way to show solidarity and move forward with a message of peace.


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