Amir Khan's film Dangal does record business

One of the worth watching piece of astonishment in Amir Khan’s new movie Dangal is the actor’s body transformation. To feature himself in his old age the artist puts on 97 kg weight and then transforms back to his fit, six pack body.

The journey of fit to fat was not a piece of cake at all rather it required to forgo many pieces of cakes, to get the ideal body. The only motivation is not enough one must need to have a passion too.

Recently, Amir Khan’s video featuring his body transformation went viral on social media. Within few hours of uploading, it gained more than 3 million views on Facebook and still continues to get more clicks, the video went viral with #AmirKhanFatToFit. Amir Khan told in the video that putting on body weight and then carrying it was not normal. In fact, it changed the way one lives, walks, sits and even breathes.

Moulding exactly according to requirements of a character in a movie is what makes it worth watching. So, the actor has to make sure that he is justifying with the character. A superstar like Amir Khan understood this very well. Director of the Dangal Nitesh Tiwari also told that doing such hard work with the passion for moulding in character, even being a superstar was indeed so kind of Amir Khan.

Amir Khan’s movie Dangal is all set to release in mid of December; the films is going to be much popular as his first song gained more than 10 million views after within 24 hours of its release. The film’s trailer also shows that it would gain more popularity than Salman Khan’s film Sultan that was based on somehow same story plot.


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