amir khan
Faryal and Amir Khan. Photo credits: Google

Amir Khan, aka King Khan, 2 times world champion has officially announced his splitting up with the fashion icon, Faryal Makhdoom, as of September this year.

Earlier this year, Amir’s parents and Faryal had a very public feud due to Faryal’s pictures as a model, and her dressing sense. However, it seemed like both Amir and Faryal were steadfast on their marriage.

Just recently, an argument through tweets went viral on Twitter, where Amir Khan accused wife Faryal Makhdoom to have cheated on him with another boxer. Faryal denied the tweets to be from her side, and mentioned that her Twitter account was hacked. It was later proved that everything was just a misunderstanding, and Faryal Makhdoom had nothing to do with the boxer, Joshua.

However, the two agreed on splitting up and Amir filed for divorce which is soon to take place. The two have a daughter together, Lamaisah, and Faryal is pregnant with their second child.

There have been a series of events after the two separated where Amir Khan has been found with different girls. Nothing special we guess, since Amir had been unfaithful to Faryal throughout their marriage as well.

What about Alyzeh Gabol?

Recently, a new scandal has our attention. Amir Khan and Alyzeh Gabol, who have been getting quite chummy on Alyzeh’s instagram photos. Here are some comments:

Amir Khan
Instagram comments between Alyzeh and Amir on her photos

Amir even posted a birthday video for Alyzeh on his instagram:

Amir khan
Amir posts a birthday video for Alyzeh on his instagram

Although the comments and this video have been deleted from Amir’s side, there are pictures that are going viral on the internet of Amir and Alyzeh in Dubai. Apparently, Amir has his arm around Alyzeh, and it definitely doesn’t indicate that both of them are JUST friends:

Amir Khan
Amir and Alyzeh leaving together after a party in Dubai

And the journey just doesn’t stop here. It is believed that Amir and Alyzeh even stayed at the same hotel together during their stay in Dubai.

Moreover, the biggest news of all. Amir and Alyzeh posted pictures of themselves at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

amir khan
Alyzeh Gabol captions “Alhumdullilah”
amir khan
Amir captions “Prayed Salah at the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. We should all pray salah.”

Reports have it that the couple got their Nikkah done here at this mosque, and are officially together.

We wonder though, did Amir Khan create the whole drama with Faryal Makhdoom by accusing her of cheating, only so that he could easily get together with model Alyzeh Gabol?

It looks like Alyzeh’s fans are fully supporting her and Amir’s Nikkah, but we’re still waiting for an official announcement.



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