Dangal Movie

Amir Khan film Dangal is the most awaited movie of this year. The film has not made it to cinemas yet but still, it has managed to do a record business regarding satellite rights.

In term of its, business Dangal has already surpassed the Shahrukh Khan’s film Fan that earned 90 crores overall, while Dangal has bagged the 75 crores even before the release in for selling satellite rights to Z-Television.

Earlier, it was another Amir Khan’s movie Dhoom 3 that owned the record of doing maximum business regarding satellite rights; it was sold to Z-TV for 65 Crores.

From the release of trailer till onwards, Dangal is breaking the records. Its first ever song managed to be the most viewed song on Youtube within 24 hours of its release.

Another reason for the Amir Khan’s film Dangal’s popularity is that actor is reappearing on screen after two years, and viewers want to see something more compelling and entertaining than his last movie PK that was a blockbuster.

Another surprising fact about the film is its story plot and comparison with Salman Khan’s movie Sultan that was also a hit. Dangal is based on a true story and features a wrestler and his daughter who later amassed Gold Medal for India in SAIF Games. Sultan was all about the struggle of a wrestler while Dangal is all about women empowerment. Stark similarities between the movies of both the Khans are just boosting the competition.

Amir Khan has done much hard work for justifying his role in film Dangal; he went body transformation and by first gaining 97 kg and then coming back to the healthy body weight. The actor did all this to ensure his adaptability to the character and add a genuine feel to it. In this way, the movie as a whole along with its story is not a way to serve as an inspiration, but strive and strong effort made be the actor is also a way to motivate the people.


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