Gurdeep Singh and daughters

It seems that success of the Amir Khan’s blockbuster film Dangal has invoked a social activist in him who has now become a perfect choice for advocating the women empowerment.

Recently, an advertisement of the Amir Khan emerged on Indian channel where he promoted the message of women empowerment in a unique way and presented the idea of a retail business of sweets that carries its name as “Gurdeep Singh and Daughters.”

Ironically, the channel that is advertising under the slogan of “new thinking necessary” runs only on the soap operas that feature a woman as a crippled creature who has to tolerate the stoicism of the patriarchal society.

Apart from this conflict in giving a message contradictory to the content channel usually shows, selection of Amir Khan for this advertisement was indeed a brilliant idea given the Dangal’s success.

How come an audience wouldn’t accept the girls supporting their father in business when they gave an overwhelming response to daughters who entered in a game like wrestling for pursuing the dream of their father.

Dangal that featured the Haryana-based wrestler Mahaveer Singh and his four daughters who are representing India in the field of wrestling at international level has emerged as an iconic film for showing how women can excel in the games that are meant for the men.
It was no less than astonishing that such film that was a deviance from the traditional Indian Rom-Coms succeeded in capturing attention from the masses and shattered all the previous records business records at box office. Perhaps, this what puts testimony to the fact that success needs a Nai Soch (New Thinking) to foster.
 Even social media hits are witnessing view trends as selfies of the celebrities are lagging much behind on Twitter than the posts on women empowerment.
So here is a question whether Indian drama channels would adopt the Nai Soch they are advocating, following the footsteps of Pakistani Dramas that have started hitting the social taboos.


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