Amir Khan's film Dangal does record business

Amir Khan’s movie Dangal’sĀ first song got released, and it set a new record of amassing more than 10 million views within 24 hours.

The film that features the girls in traditional Indian wrestling is said to be the much-awaited movie of this year; the movie would be released in Indian cinemas at the end of December. Initially, many theatre connoisseurs frowned whether the new movie would be able to be a hit or not, because viewers have already experienced the somehow similar film in the form of Salman Khan’s Sultan.

Still, there are sharpCin contrasts between both the films; the former is about the struggle of wrestler who strives hard to make a come back in the field while the later is on social taboos. Story plot of Amir Khan’s movie is designed to depict woman empowerment and prove thatĀ gender can never bar a person to stop from showcasing his skills, by any means.

In Dangal Amir Khan has played the role of a father who wanted his son to represent the country in wrestling at international level and earn a name for the homeland. Khan later decides to train his daughters for the same game when he comes to know that he has only four daughters and no son.


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