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As the Amir Khan’s new movie Dangal is all set to release in India on 23rd December, the teaser trailer of his Secret Superstar is just out. The film stars the Zaira Waseem the young emerging actress who also played the role of Amir Khan’s daughter in Dangal.

Khan who is very famous for portraying the reality-based characters in stories that reflect happenings of everyday life always produces the most awaited movies for the audience.

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While Dangal is all about the women empowerment, Secret Superstar also hovers around the same theme. The movie actively negates the taboos such as the prohibition of girls to sing in public at a professional level.

The release of the Secret Superstar trailer was a quiet dramatic thing. First, Amir Khan uploaded a video on Twitter talking about this surprise in the form of a teaser and showed how it was special.

Later he unveiled the gift for his fans and released a glimpse of what Secret Superstar is going to be all about. The movie is scheduled to release on 4 August 2017.

Having a look at the trailer of the Dangal and actor’s new movie, the actor’s new movie, strong similarities between both two become much evident.

Amir Khan worked hard for both the films, not only on acting but also on his looks. Trailers make it apparent that actor had to undergo a transformation of overall looks and body weight. In Dangal he first gained up to 97 kg of body weight and then brought it back to a healthy body fitness. All this strife was just to ensure that scenes never miss a touch of reality and movie offers more real-time experience.

For Amir Khan’s fans who are anxiously waiting for Dangal’s release Secret Superstar is another target for next treat for eyes in cinema.


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