Amir Sohail Takes a U-turn after Public’s Uproar and Ganguly’s Condemnation


Amir Sohail who is a well known former cricketer and chief selector of PCB ( Pakistan Cricket Board), has been recently seen criticizing the Pakistani Cricket team’s current captain Sarfaraz Ahmed for allegedly refusing to dedicate Pakistan’s victory against Sri Lanka to Javed Miandad which was on his birthday.

Amir Sohail was caught making harsh comments on the performance and credibility of the new skipper by saying that ” he has nothing to be puffed up about, he just became the captain”, to which he later added that everyone knows why he was made the captain and his performance has nothing to do with it.

the former cricketer looked and sounded furious. ” if you do something wrong, we would point that out to you; if you did something right, we would mention that too, and if you did something wrong while trying to do something right, that would be pointed out to you as well’ added Amir Sohail. He also mentioned some kind of “facilitators” who are helping Sarfaraz to win, he said, ” If the show host were to ask him who won the match for Sarfaraz, he would say Prayers and God, as he cannot name anyone else.” This statement was perceived as an accusation of match-fixing and foul play in the win.

After this controversial statement, the media and many sports personality came forward to criticize Amir Sohail for giving such hateful comments. Former Indian Captain Saurav Ganguly said that Amir Sohail should not criticize Sarfaraz when the Pakistani team has qualified for the finals of ICC Champions Trophy for the first time ever under his leadership. Talking to India Today, Ganguly called Amir’s comments “Ridiculous”, he further added that “someone who has played for the team and captained it should be appreciative of the team’s performance and how they made it to the finals”. Former Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh also came forward and supported the statement made by Saurav saying that  ” if you won’t respect your team, you would lose respect”, he also commended the Pakistani team on their excellent performance.

In response to the hate and anger coming towards him, Sohail decided to clarify his statement on Samaa TV by saying ” What I said was my response to the news I heard about Sarfaraz’s refusal to dedicate his win against Sri Lanka to Miandad by saying that Miandad criticizes the team too much”; he also added that by mentioning ” Facilitators” he was not trying to say anything about match fixing or foul play and that his statement was taken in the wrong sense.

Whatever might be the truth behind Amir Sohail’s comment, if the allegations on Sarfaraz are true, those comments made about Miandad cannot be justified.




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