Shahid Afridi fan in India

If a Shahid Afridi fan in India wears the jersey of the Pakistani batsman, then the local government deems it as an act against the country.

Such incident happened in Hilakandi area of the Indian state Assam, where internationally famous Pakistani all-rounder cricketer’s fan was arrested after he wore the cricket jersey of the star.

According to media reports, Indian police also filed the FIR against the Shahid Afridi fan according to Indian Penal Code. While talking to the Urdu newspaper, Jang, Shahid Afridi condemned the incident by terming it as a shameful event.

He expressed that such acts don’t suit to the educated and civilized people, as there are Pakistani fans of Indian cricketers, in the same way, he has fans in India. He also requested PM Modi, to intervene in the case and make an effort to cancel the FIR.

There is no doubt that due to the current wave of tensions between both the countries, anti-Pakistan sentiments in India or on rife. Unfortunately, sports and arts that are deemed to play their role as a moderator are also becoming a victim of prejudice and hatred.


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