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Nehal Hashmi, now a former Senator of PML-N, had a made a controversial speech on camera which has proved to be against him a great deal.
In his speech, he has quite openly warned those are trying to hold Nawaz Sharif and his family accountable. He threatens to make the lives of these people miserable, just as they have made it difficult for the PM’s family. Nehal Hashmi has not talked about anyone in specific, however, it is clear that this speech was directed at the members of JIT and those investigating the Panama Case against the Sharif family.


Right after the video of Nehal Hashmi’s speech went viral, the Prime Minister took notice of it and asked for Hashmi’s resignation. Hashmi obeyed his leadership and resigned, however, is yet to be answerable to the court bench.

The public took to social media and started bashing our Prime Minister and Hashmi for this act.

nehal hashmi

The above screenshot of Hashmi’s tenure was taken from Wikipedia, which was going viral on a WhatsApp and Facebook campaign. It clearly stated that Hashmi’s tenure was to end officially on May 31, 2017. This forced the public, and most PTI activists, to accuse Nawaz Sharif and Nehal Hashmi of only pulling out a stunt to prove that the PM is not biased towards people from his own party. This is yet again, a result of hate and negativity instilled in our people and youth who do not follow strong political narratives and are always ready to target anyone with information they find, without making further investigations into it.


Wikipedia is a search platform which allows everyone to edit information. Just a few hours ago, the site stated that the tenure of Nehal Hashmi was to end in May, however, now it states something different:

nehal hashmi

The date of the end of Hashmi’s tenure has now been changed to June 31, 2017.

However, this also is not true. The tenure in office of each Senator of Pakistan is six years, and elections are held every 3 years in order to replace half of the senators. The retirement of Hashmi presented by Wikipedia after 2 years makes no sense at all.

According to the site of Senate of Pakistan, the tenure of Hashmi is from the year 2015-2021, a complete time of six years.

nehal hashmi

Our people are not willing to make proper research over a fact which is presented only on Wikipedia or the social media. They simply read information and replicate it further to other people as it is.

No one bothered to make proper research over this point of the tenure of Hashmi. They simply made a scandal accusing Hashmi of pulling out a stunt by passing such harsh comments on camera and then resigning, which would have done no harm to him at all. Simply because according to Wikipedia, his retirement was due in May 2017, hence, the resignation made no difference.

People need to verify such information before they spread it to others because the spread of incredulous information leads to no good for oneself, and others.



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