Taher Shah's Angel wins Apex Award

Social media sensation Taher Shah just disclosed his valentine’s surprise through a Twitter post.

Earlier, he made a teaser post announcing about a special gift of honor for his angelic fans; people thought that they would soon have to come by another uniqueness from an internationally infamous singer.

Taher Shah’s management team announced that his famous song Angel won the Apex Award 2017.

Here is the video proof of Taher Shah winning the Apex Award for his Angel.

No wonder that Taher Shah’s Angel has achieved this goal as the video is already among the most watched Youtube videos in Pakistan despite facing such harsh criticism.

It was not the song that earned award rather it was the peace and humanity factor that echoes through the music presented by Taher Shah. Unfortunately, the apparel through which this message is displayed never seems to be much appealing for the listeners.

The story didn’t end here as award winner also talked about his plans about film career in Hollywood with his infamous song Eye to Eye that brought him into the limelight.The viral singer has announced about making a Hollywood movie eye to eye back in May 2015.

First Eye to Eye, Angel, the sequel to Angel and then this award, Taher Shah is nothing but an epitome of utmost confidence who knows how to stand in the face of criticism and bring out self-satisfying masterpieces (even if no one acknowledges them).


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