Dawn Leaks Issue; APNS refuses to take action against the newspaper


All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) has decided to show some balls to the government on the Dawn Leaks Issue. This is decided by the newly elected committee of APNS in its maiden executive-committee meeting, chaired by its newly elected President, Sarmad Ali. Dawn Leaks issue wasn’t on the agenda of the meeting as it was actually called way before the outcome of the committee’s findings on the said matter. However, amid developments in the Dawn Leaks issue, its editor and reporter ‘Cyril Almeida’ became the main agenda of the meeting.

Traditionally, maiden meeting of the APNS body was called to meet and greet the newly elected office bearers in the executive committee and to discuss their future agendas. However, this year’s meeting was completely different to the ones in the past. The officials attended the meeting at Pearl Continental (PC) hotel Lahore and primarily discussed the only thing; the Dawn Leaks.

Owner of the Dawn Newspaper, Abdullah Haroon, along with its Editor, Zafar Abbas, attended the meeting which they never bothered doing in the past. The officials attending the meeting said that they were surprised when they found Abdullah Haroon among the audience.

Later, their guesses came true when Abdullah Haroon raised his concerns on Dawn Leaks issue. Earlier, the government through its inquiry report has asked Dawn to initiate punitive action against those responsible of this fiasco. However, Abdullah Haroon has asked APNS to put its weight behind him so that he could manage the issue.

The APNS meeting has decided to reply the government. The expected reply is that the APNS is neither a content controlling authority nor its working falls in the domain of content issues of the newspapers. The APNS only deals with the advertisement related matters. Furthermore, APNS has decided to suggest the government to rather instruct the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) and Press Council of Pakistan for desired actions; as these are the right forums for content related matters.

Now a new Pandora box is about to open. Let’s see who will be able to show eyes to whom.


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