Armeena Khan

Armeena Khan, the instagram active Pakistani celebrity has just been hitched! Sorry guys, one more girl down who was featured in Asia’s 50 most sexiest women. Maybe you’ll have to go back to Momina Mustehsan?

Apparently Armeena has been on vacation in Cuba for the past few weeks, and she’s been having a great vacation. However, it took us with surprise when she posted a picture on her instagram of a man proposing her! Wonder who he is? We’re wondering the same! Here’s actual #relationshipgoals for everyone!

Armeena Khan

It looks like everyone’s being really supportive towards her engagement with this mystery bae. He’s British, and really good looking as well! This wasn’t the first time Armeena posted a picture with her “British bae”, she dedicated her Instagram’s 500th post to him as well! Here’s what she captioned it:

Armeena Khan's 500th post

After a long fun vacation in Cuba, Armeena Khan is now back in England and probably enjoying a lot with her fiancee. We’re waiting for more upcoming news, so we can finally find out who he is. Some fans are making guesses, but we don’t know for sure!

Armeena Khan

Armeena looks extremely happy as we can see in this instagram post of hers, and we’re really happy for her too. Best of luck to her for her future with this British cutie!


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