armeena khan

Armeena Khan has relatively gained a lot of fame thanks to her movies Janaan and Yalghaar.

However, just like any other celebrity, Armeena has been facing hundreds of hate comments and abuses every day on her social media account. Yesterday, she took to Instagram in order to address this issue. She posted a screenshot of some hate comments.

Armeena Khan

This post shows a handful of hateful comments that Armeena decided to show everyone. She wrote a rather sad caption with it:

Armeena Khan comes out and clearly asks the general in public as to why they target the Pakistani models, actresses, or celebrities in general for their hate? Most of the hate comments she gets are from females themselves. We really do wonder, if these same girls never give it a second thought before they comment on someone else’s life, clothes, or choices? Do these comments give you a flashback? Of course, they do, this is exactly what happened to Qandeel Baloch. The woman who was a social media sensation, who gained a rather notorious fame, thanks to the haters she had. And eventually killed in the name of honor in a country where the law preaches freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

If a normal girl may face criticism such as this, she’d simply label the other girls as “Jealous” of her for hating on her work, her clothes, or her choices. Here, most people tend to forget that celebrities themselves are real people with real emotions as well. They get hurt the same way we do, whenever someone doesn’t appreciate our work for which we’ve worked so hard. Often, these same people who hate on Pakistani celebrities for their work drool over Hollywood celebrities for their outfits. This is, as we may easily be able to label as, mere hypocrisy.

Having critics is normal when you’re a well-known person, and you obviously face criticism as well. However, there are two kinds of criticism: criticism for the sake of better, and criticism for the sake of criticism. The Pakistani public is not aware of the difference between the two, and it feels like people criticize simply for the sake of it, instead of trying to bring about a positive change by their comments.


Armeena Khan got positive feedback as well, for which she posted:

armeena khan

Bullying is carried out against everyone, whether a high school student or a high-fi celebrity. But what we need to understand is that bullying or being mean to others will bring about no positive change. Women need to stand up for each other, and we need to say no to bullying. That’s how we’ll be able to build each other up, and peace will be brought about!



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