Armeena Khan

After almost a week of curiosity and shock, Armeena Khan has finally revealed the British hunk she got engaged to.

Armeena khan
Armeena Khan with fiancee

A few days ago Armeena Khan uploaded a picture of a mysterious man proposing her on his knees while she was on vacation in Cuba. She wouldn’t reveal who this man was, and it wasn’t the first time she posted a picture with him. Apparently, she didn’t tag him in any of the pictures she posted with him.

Just when everyone was about to lose their minds, because lets face it, another beautiful girl hitched and we’re still sitting here, Armeena revealed who her to-be husband is! His name’s Fesl Khan, looks like he’s new to instagram, and his first instagram post is dedicated to our beautiful Armeena!

Armeena khanWell, there you have it folks. Armeena’s been hitched with a British politician, and she looks really happy about it. A lot of people have been supporting her a lot about her engagement, while others still aren’t over the way she dresses. People really need to stop interfering in someone else’s happiness considering the fact that Armeena even gave them a shutup call once!

We wish Armeena the best of luck for her future with Fesl.


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