Armeena Khan

If you’ve been living under a rock, about time you realize Armeena Khan’s engaged and absolutely happy with Fesl Khan, her fiancee. 

For a very long time Armeena was posting pictures of herself and a “British bae”, but she wouldn’t reveal to the public who he was. He finally proposed to her when they were on Vacation in Cuba, and the fans went wild!

…and he got down on his knee…I said “yes!!!” #Happy #Engaged #Bae #Cuba #Paradise #Pink ????

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People were going crazy about it, however, Armeena Khan didn’t keep us waiting for way too long. She revealed her British bae’s name in a short while, and as always, Pakistanis had to come into play with their rants and flaw picking. Armeena already gave a shutup call to her haters a while back, but we guess people will be people and they just won’t let anyone live in peace.

Armeena has been posting happy pictures with Fesl Khan for a while now, and the two look extremely cute together. However, looks like Pakistani fans and haters have taken hate to a whole new level. Here’s what Armeena JUST posted:

My first open #Blog. #Discrimination #Skincolour #ArmeenaKhan #Sicktomystomach #Beingdarkskinnedisntacrime ?

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We guess everything’s very obvious in this post. People are targeting Fesl for his skin, but is being dark skinned really a crime? God has made us all equal, whether light or dark skinned. Moreover, Pakistanis on average have a tan skin tone as compared to the people in the West, and yet, most still think of being “fair skinned” as a symbol of beauty.

We stand with Armeena on this, ridiculing people based on their skin is utter nonsense! And Pakistanis really need to stop judging and sending hate to people they don’t personally know, its highly against moral ethics.


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