Govt. should close down Supreme Court; Says Chief Justice

Supreme Court Justice

During the hearing of Suo moto notice case on the matter of population census, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, has harshly criticised the present and ex-government of Pakistan due to Its failure to conduct the population census. He remarked that Government is fooling its people on the name of democracy.

The chief justice also slammed the government for its inability to follow SC orders by saying that if govt. Is not willing to act upon the orders of apex court then it should better close down the institution.

He also criticised the heavy reliance of government on Army in every matter. On a response to the Attorney General’s statement that delay in population census was due to unavailability of Army; he said,”if population census has to be done by the Army then what is the need of other institutions. He further told that Bureau of Statistics also becomes useless in the absence of fundamental facts and figure about population.

He also highlighted in his remarks that conducting the census on population might compel to make certain changes in policies like increasing the number of National Assembly members.

Chief Justice dismissed the conditional date of March and April by saying it just a show on behalf of the government. He further ordered the government to give one precise time for conducting the population census on the national level.

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