Army Delete Tweet about Dawn: Truce between Military and Government


The relation between the Army and Pakistan Government were at an all-time low in the wake of the Dawn leaks. The way press release came from the Government and the subsequent tweet from the ISPR showed that all was not well between the two most important pillars of the state. As is the case with many other things in Pakistan, there are always going to be some elements that would take advantage of such situation, and international media portrayed it in such a manner that all was not well between the military establishment and the government. The reluctance from APNS to take any action against Dawn newspaper showed that government was not willing to go out of its way to resolve this crisis.

Dawn Leaks
Dawn Leaks

Now, there are always elements within and outside Pakistan that are trying their best to take advantage of any situation.  Keeping in mind the way other political parties tried to use the situation to their advantage. The subsequent return of Cyril had already created a bit of a headache for the establishment. It was imperative that some sort of truce must happen between Army and the PML-N government. First common sense was exhibited by the Government, and they issued the detailed version of the earlier press release stating that ” “Since action on orders of the Prime Minister has already been completed by the respective Ministries and Divisions, the issue of Dawn Leaks [sic] stands settled.”.

In a great gesture of goodwill, ISPR subsequently deleted its earlier tweet that talked about the fact that how they are not completely agreeing with the earlier ruling and press release by the Pakistani Government. It all ended well and came across as a pleasant closure of an episode which in earlier era’s would have lead to frictions between both the state stakeholders. Media should also be held responsible though for creating an unnecessary debate on the issue that is related to the national interest of the people.


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