Arshad Khan Chaiwala to sell tea in PSL final

Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala is back on social media with the thrill of PSL final.

Like other enthusiastic PSL fans, Arshad Chaiwala did his best to grab the ticket for watching the live match but didn’t succeed, though. The blue eyes Chaiwala turned model via social media also tried to buy online tickets, but they were already sold out.

Amidst all this despair Arshad Khan has decided to bring a surprise for his fans by opening a tea stall outside Qaddafi Stadium, to sell tea in the event of PSL 2017 final.

We just hope that people get a chance to see a glimpse of their favorite social media celebrity in Qaddafi Stadium while getting their hands on a tea that would be definitely “hot’.

Arshad Khan who became a social media sensation after being spotted on a tea stall by a photographer took no times to land a career in showbiz with getting a modeling contract, fashion show, and then a film after appearing in music videos.

The man is as sensational as the PSL final which is finally going to take place in Lahore. Given the security situation in Pakistan, it was a courageous decision indeed. It would make sure that cricket fans in Pakistan can enjoy the concluding match of the PSL final in their country by getting a chance to watch the live fun.

Although people are divided on whether to hold PSL final in Lahore was a right decision or not but they are all willing to restore the fun to see domestic cricket grounds coming back to life. The fact is evident from the long queues of people outside the banks for buying tickets despite their high prices.


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