Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala

Arshad Khan, a Chaiwala turned model has just debuted his first show as a model on the ramp. Arshad is to make his appearance as the showstopper for a UK based brand Ziggi Menswear in Bridal Couture Week in Lahore. The clothes brand specialises in making the groom’s wears.

Arshad is indeed lucky in regard that he has travelled the journey of Chaiwala to a showstopper on the ramp in quick succession of just a few weeks.

After Arshad’s photograph became viral, he quickly grabbed the attention not only in Pakistan and India but also on an international level due to his attractive personality and beautiful blue eyes that left the ladies drooling over.

Earlier, it was expected that Arshad’s fame would be short lived and within days no one would remember him, but all these speculations proved wrong when he landed his first modelling contract with online retailer His journey didn’t stop there, and he is on his way to make a name in Pakistan’s showbiz circles.

Arshad who used to be a tea maker and came from a lower middle-class background from KPK’s for off areas is also paying attention to the personality grooming. He has hired his PR manager and not at all willing to look back.


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