Arshad Khan

Well, yes Arshad Khan has been featured in a music video. Earlier the internet sensation had walked on Ramp in Hum Bridal Couture week.

Ok, so who are the artists who have taken the social media love Arshad Khan into their video? Seriously I don’t know them; I have not seen them before. And who are these lame singers anyway?

The stupid singer somehow reminded me of the famous Tahir Shah’s “Angel” and “Eye to Eye”.

The dressing sense of the singers is amazing. Seriously man from where you got your dressing sense? And talking about the hairstyle, wow who captured these racoons? The lyrics are awful and disgusting. And why these kids rap? Just to show that they are angrej, they resort to some English rapping which makes no sense at all. Music is just creepy and the whole dance moves on the truck bonnet is a headache to watch.

Enough of the brilliant guys who think that they are Eminem or Snoop dog.

Arshad Khan looks handsome and gorgeous in the video; it’s not that Arshad Khan is a beautiful finding. If you an observer, Pakistan is full of natural beauty, yes I am talking about the faces. With a little grooming, this nation can be in world prettiest faces league. Here in Pakistan, we don’t use cosmetics at all, and all poverty and depression take away all the charm and shine from countenance.

Arshad Khan looked confident, preen and primp in the music video but apparently he needed a mentor that makes him qualified for the industry. He needs some polished skills in modelling and acting. We are hopeful that he will sustain and be here for the upcoming projects and may the Arshad Khan gets some music videos from the established and seasoned singers.

We are happy that social media has made this tea vendor a star, and its good for him but we also want that social media should drive campaigns on the menaces we are facing like child abuses and child labour.


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