Arshad Khan signs his debut film? What is it all about?


Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala has just signed his debut film. The best example of overnight fame is the Arshad Khan, who became viral on social media as handsome, blue-eyed Chaiwala. One attractive picture on internet and doors of success, fame, and wealth just opened up to the man.

He first landed a modeling contract with an online retailer, later appeared in a fashion show as the showstopper for men’s wear brand and then entertained the audience while being featured in a music video, what’s next.

Off Course, the ultimate destiny of many models and showbiz starters is to be seen on the big screen. Arshad Khan didn’t need to strive hard for achieving this target as his one viral photo was enough to promote him. Yes, he has just signed a contract with a production house, and his debut film is coming this year.

According to the official Instagram account of Arshad Khan, he has signed a movie Kabeer that would release most probably next year.

First debut movie

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Given his instant fame and popularity on social media, Chaiwala was speculated to make his way to the showbiz world, but such estimates immediately became a reality. Earlier, the man expressed while talking to media that he didn’t consider acting to be a major work and hence wouldn’t accept any offers from Showbiz. Perhaps, he didn’t know much about this world, now after working on few projects he has established the confidence on this field too.

We just hope that Arshad Khan grooms himself enough to appear as an actor who is capable of leaving an impact because of his work not only because of his looks. From his fame till now, the future actor has managed to adapt himself to the requirements of fashion industry.


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