Artists win at Sehwan Sharif over terrorism

Art is directly in conflict with terrorism; this is what has come out as a result of deadliest Sehwan attack that took way at least 80 precious lives.

The attack at the shrine of revered Sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was an act to sabotage the cause of humanity, peace, culture, art, harmony and religious synchronization. Because the sacred place doesn’t belong to one single group only, it acts as the refuge for desolate, frustrated and wretched human souls that seek compassion in peaceful atmosphere

Devotees of shrine became more committed to their practice of Dhamaal, after a fatal bomb blast that turned the white marble red with human blood and site of entrancing whirling dervish into a gloomy place of mourning.

As a consequence of this heart-wrenching incidents, artists came forward to defy the terrorism with their bravery and courage while exhibiting their art, giving the message of peace, harmony, and love.

Here is how art stood resilient in the face of adversity after this unfortunate event in Sehwan.

Dhamaal by Devotees

The first backlash to terrorist attack came when fans didn’t abandon to pay a visit to the shrine and kept on indulging in the ecstatic practice of Dhamaal. They revert to their routine very next day the attack took place even despite the critical condition of security.  Terrorists just failed in barring what they intended too.

Performance of Sheema Karmani

Dhamaal by Sheema Kermani

Dhamaal at the Shrine of Lal Shehbaz Qalandar by famous classical dancer Sheema Kermani was what people deemed as a real act of courage and resistance. Not, everyone admired Sheema Kermani whirling among the crowd at the shrine, as the dissidents kept on slamming her act as obnoxious.  Sheema was still successful in giving a message that terrorism would always fail to abandon serenity of this place.

Peace Jam by musicians at Shrine

Daring action by Sheema Kermani inspired the young rappers like Ali Gul Pir to come forward and use their art to promote harmony and give a shut up call to extremism. Ali who doesn’t feel like being well versed in Sufi music collaborated with Sounds of Kolachi to hold peace jam at the shrine.

The Recent wave of terrorism followed by the Lahore blast had jeopardized the satisfactory condition of security in the city while making PCB think again about the selection of venue for PSL 2017.

Now, the authorities have decided to hold the final in Lahore while exhibiting a strong power to resist and stand against the extremism.


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