Arsalan Hasan

Arsalan Hasan, a 20-year-old boy studying Accounting partly and jamming completely is the first Pakistani to be featured on Radio One Lebanon for his cover of ‘We don’t talk anymore’ by Charlie Puth.

Arsalan was one of the leading vocalists at Nescafe basement during the seasons 3 and 4, and music is indeed his passion which he most definitely wishes to pursue in the future. Graduating from Beaconhouse Defence Campus (Lahore), he finished his A levels bagging straight A’s, so we’re presenting to you a boy who’s not only good looking and has a soothing voice, but boy oh boy he’s smart as well! Ding ding, girls, who’re ready to fangirl over him? Because we sure are falling in love with his voice.

We asked Arsalan how he came across his love for music, and here’s what he told us:

“I was three years old when I got a toy piano for my birthday. I started playing stuff I heard around me. By the time I was four, I could play symphonies by Bach and Mozart. Haha. I still play by ear.”

While others were busy eating dirt, this boy was playing piano just at the age of 3! Talent sometimes, indeed, is God gifted.


Although most people around him haven’t been very supportive of his passion for music, we see his fan the following increase every day! It indeed must be very hard to balance out a life between your studies and music at only the age of 20. However, it seems as if Arsalan is very much devoted to both of these in his life. He is indeed an inspiration for every Pakistani out there who believes he has a chance with music or anyone who wishes to pursue his passion as a career. No one deserves to just give up on their dreams. Arsalan teaches us that.

You need to go sleepless nights working for what you love, and you need to stay consistent in your struggle in order to achieve what you have striven for. Balancing a degree in Accounting and Finance along with establishing a career in Music is probably a big challenge, but this just screams directly in our faces that we shouldn’t ever give up on what we love. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Here’s what Arsalan has to say to everyone who has a passion for something in life, and would like to go for it:

“Believe in yourself. Follow your dreams. Don’t let anything come in between you and your goals. Life’s too short to be doing something you don’t love. Just go for it. Do what you love. Be kind to everyone. Love and cherish each moment”

  ‘People haven’t always been there for me, but music always has’, he tells us.

Sometimes people aren’t very supportive of things you love, and not many approve of it as well. Living in a society like ours where every other person is full of talent, not everyone supports you. Some might even try to bring you down, but you need to keep your head up high and ignore the hate you might receive. Sometimes Arsalan himself receives hate comments on his social media, but he takes them as motivation to improve and get better at what he does. However, his parents have been supportive of him from the very start!


Arsalan hasan

Arsalan Hasan has just started working for a debut with an international record company, and we can’t wait to hear it. But that’s not the only bomb this musician’s dropping for his fans, he’s also working on a single of his own called ‘Afraid’ which will be out soon.

You can listen to his music and keep yourself updated through his social media accounts:

His facebook page is

And you can follow him on Instagram @iamarsalanhasan

Lastly, addressing the youth o Pakistan, he advises:

“All of us are the future of Pakistan. Everything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it. Never make excuses if you can’t achieve something. Work harder. With the technology at our disposal, you can achieve great tings by even sitting t home. So, if you have a dream, go for it.”

We wish Arsalan Hasan best of luck for his future career in music, and I’m sure we’ll hardly be able to contain our happiness when we see him on the red carpet in the near future!


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