Atif Aslam saves Karachi girl from Harassment

Food, rain, and chill all these items made a perfect entertainment for the Karachites at the Eat Karachi event. The much-awaited part of the festival was the performance from legendary Sufi singer Abida Parveen and the melodious Atif Aslam that strongly attracted the crowd at the venue.

Although we have succeeded in creating an atmosphere that has made it possible for citizens to break a monotony of boring life and gather at a place to enjoy, we still couldn’t make things better for the girls who are fighting hard for the society to claim the public spaces.

At the concert of Atif Aslam we just witnessed a horrible incident where the females at front row became the victim of eve teasing and molestation. Atif personally took notice and scolded the culprits by coming on the edge and calling for the security personnel to rescue the victim girls.

Such courageous move of the man made him stand in the line of heroes and also instilled a feeling of embarrassment for the people who didn’t feel that the opposite gender also has right to freely enjoy music, free air and public space without any fear of being targeted by a transgressor.

The incident instantly made news and highlighted the Atif Aslam’s heroism and his will to take a stand for the girls. No doubt, the man should have done the same, but what we are lacking is an appropriate reaction.

After the horrific act of harassment, people took up to social media for slamming the culprits and giving suggestions for safety. Some people said that girls should always be accompanied by a male to be safe, other suggested that such concerts and public events must be for families only or strict check and balance should be made to avoid any unpleasant happening.

The issue is that no one provided any substantial curative measure. No one addressed the boys who performed such horrific acts out of the sentiments tagged with no respect for opposite gender. Females wouldn’t be able to reclaim their public space until and unless boys are stopped teaching that every place belongs to them and they have very right to treat the opposite gender in the way they want.

After the plague of sectarianism and ethnic conflicts engulfed the Karachi, the city was not only an economic hub but cultural center of the international level. After fighting the militancy and terrorism in the city we have been able to create an atmosphere that allows cultural events to take place but these are our ver values that have to decide whether we are going to respect the equal rights of all the genders in public sphere of not.


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