Yunhi by Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam’s new video song ‘Younhi” is a right thing for those who say “I love my loneliness” and “my love is nothing but my way of spending the life.”

Here is how Atif turns out to be rather a selfish boyfriend by rejecting a social life that her girlfriend loves to spend and choosing the life of a single.

He just leaves home while his girlfriend parties with her friends

Just when his home is filled with a crowd of girls and boys gossiping and having fun with each other Atif who is uncomfortable with the group and never loves to socialize just leaves home to live the life he wants.

He doesn’t bother about his girlfriend

Here comes the true test of his love, Whom he wants? A girlfriend or a life of his choice? There is no need to figure out his priorities as they are evident from the very beginning of the video. The way he ignores her lover’s plea makes it obvious that he has got another love which exists in finding what life is in his way.

Photography, Music and Bike riding are more than Love

Atif Aslam’s song Younhi has come up with a variety of options for the singles who find it hard to mingle especially with a person who has a limited social life. Just give a damn care attitude to folks you don’t fit in, grab your guitar, get on your bike and don’t forget to pick your camera; Ahead is the life you want.

Being in Turkey Atif has also got a plenty of choice regarding scenes that his camera would love to record but

To live the life of Atif Aslam is also a matter of priority

In the end, you know better whom you want to make happy. Your inner self or your love. Perhaps it depends on what makes you happy.  Don’t decide merely by looking at Atif Aslam’s video you may end up losing a good friend and lovely partner in quest of ditching the fake social life. So, think carefully before denying your partner.

In other cases, you switch of Younhi to listen  Pehli Dafa, a video he shot with Indian beauty Illeana D’ Cruze in Turkey.



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