Parliamentary debating
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Debating Society, formed by Hassan Habib Khan in 2011, is one of the oldest societies in University of Central Punjab. DEBSOC-UCP has established a great reputation in Pakistan’s debating society by producing great debaters and hosting one of the grandest Asian Parliamentary Debating Championship in the country. With activities that are concerned with the development of an individual to the programs that only serve to add quality to the debating circuit, they do it all.

DEBSOC-UCP in the current session:

The society is currently lead by Moeed Ahmed. He is currently a Pharm. D student at UCP. Despite not having any special coaching in school or college level, Moeed has won several different declamation competitions and has earned himself a respectable position within the Parliamentary and Debating circuit of Pakistan.

Parliamentary debating
Moeed Ahmad

Under his guidance, UCP has won many debating competitions. He intends to inculcate the love of public speaking within his peers. The convener of UCP’s 6th Annual Parliamentary Debating Competition now wants to take their annual Parliamentary debating championship to a new level. Therefore, the judges at this year’s parliamentary debating championship are second to none.

Judges at this years competition:

UCP has proudly announced the Chief Adjudicators of 6th Annual Parliamentary Debating Championship. UCP’s Parliamentary Debating Championship has always tried to ensure the best quality of adjudication, its motions, and consequently of debate as well.

UCP announces that it is of great pleasure for them as Jainah Jaafar will be the first member of our Chief Adjudication core for this year’s edition of UCP Parliamentary Debating Championship and will add value to our Adjudication Core with her experience and drive.

Parliamentary debating

Here are her accomplishments as a debater:

• Deputy Chief Adjudicator, United Asian Debating Championship (UADC) 2018

• Overall Best Judge at UADC 2017

• 2 time Asian Finalist

• 3 time Asian Top 10 Open Best Speaker

• Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championship Quarterfinalist

• 2-time Malaysian Nationals Finalist and Top 10 Best Speaker

• Adjudication Core of over 20 tournaments across Asia

Her accolades and laurels speak to her merit, but what is more important to us is her drive and determination to improve and impart the culture of debate, and we are proud to have her on our team.

University of Central Punjab’s Debating Society is honored to have Hafiz Usman on board with them as the second member of Chief Adjudication core.

Parliamentary debating
Hafiz Usman

Hafiz is a ‘household name’ (his words not ours!) on the circuit and has earned well deserved praise and respect over the years. He has won numerous awards over the years and here are some of his achievements.

1) One of the most successful speakers in the history of the circuit across both English and Urdu, Asians and BP debating

2) Selector WSDC Team Pakistan 2016-17

3) 12th Best Speaker in Asia – UADC 2016

4) UADC Octo-Finalist

5) Out of all local universities that have represented Pakistan, Hafiz Usman is one of two speakers to have made 16 points as well as the Top 200 speakers on the Main Tab

6) He is quite sure he is the best. If you want to, you can take his word for it.

Debating Society UCP promises quality adjudication and debate at this year’s parliamentary Debating champion. They are known for their hospitality. And besides, acha khana bhi milega.

Prizes for the Winners:

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