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Pakistani Non Muslims

5 Pakistani Non Muslims who have made Pakistan proud!

Pakistan is today the nation we have thanks to its people, which include several Pakistani Non Muslims who have played a vital role in all of this.

Things a girl will do if she’s fallen out of love with you

Do you fear that your girl is falling out of love with you? Well, here are some simple points to help you figure that out.
Gharida Farooqi child abusevideo

Famous Anchor Gharida Farooqi commits Child Abuse at Home?

The Famous TV anchor Gharida Farooqi is allegedly involved in torturing the child maid employed at her home and has refused to let her go.
Coca Cola

Here’s why you should never drink Coca Cola again:

Coca Cola can help you clean items around your house, do you really think you should be drinking it?

Cup of Black Coffee for breakfast aids in weight loss! Here’s why:

Black Coffee tastes pretty bitter, but a single cup in the morning each day can help you lose weight!
mug cake

Feast on this mug cake in under 5 minutes!

Craving for a sweet chocolatey cake at night? A 5 minutes mug cake will do the trick!
PPP worker tortured

PPP diehard worker brutally tortured in Bilawal Bhutto’s Iftar Party

A PPP diehard worker was brutally tortured by other party's workers because the poor soul wished to meet his party leadership at in Iftar party

Has begging become a profession in Pakistan?

Begging is seen to be increasing as a profession in our country, and we need to stop it. Find out the solutions we can adopt to stop it.
energy drinks

The harmful effects of energy drinks on your brain and heart

Energy drinks are widely known to improve concentration and help you lose sleep, but do you know how they are affecting your body from the inside? Find out.

Secrets to leading a healthy life!

Maintaining a healthy life is not all about strict diets. Some basic lifestyle changes can help you bear a sound mind and body as well!