Awarding three air crafts on a game show, is this sanity?


It isn’t new to us; Amir Liaquat is always shocking the public in one way or another. But this time we are held back by the announcement made by BOL TV!

Every year there are Ramadan transmissions offering more and more to the public as prizes so they can gather a lot of audiences to compete in their shows, while everyone else watches these transmissions at home.

However, this year BOL TV has announced to hold the biggest Ramadan Transmission and game show ever by going to a whole new level. They have announced to award three air crafts, 60 cars, and 30 houses which will be distributed among the participants.

air crafts

Amir Liaquat was banned by PEMRA back in January, due to his hate speech and humiliating acts which were unacceptable on his show “Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga.”

“Aamir Liaquat is prohibited from delivering, on all other channels, any hate speech, declaring anyone as ‘kaafir’ or ‘ghaddar,’ as under the Constitution of Pakistan, it is the exclusive jurisdiction of Parliament or the honorable Superior Judiciary,”

Pemra clearly mentioned in its first order

air craftsHowever, it looks like the ban had impact neither on Amir Liaquat nor BOL TV. It is evident by the fact that BOL TV has opted to make Amir Liaquat the host of their Ramadan Transmission this year.

The announcement of offering three air crafts is tempting yet senseless. Questions arise:

 “who is funding the channel enough to afford three air crafts?”

“What will the public do with these planes?”

“Where will they fly the planes with no license?”.

They haven’t told yet which aircraft they will be awarding; however any aircraft doesn’t cost like a motorbike or a Suzuki Mehran car, and we suppose even Facebook won’t have enough funding to award someone three planes as prizes on a game show.

We think there’s something fishy behind the announcement of such foolishly big gifts, considering the past reputation of the BOL TV, where it was involved in a scandal of selling fake degrees online.

Today we are being offered airplanes, tomorrow we might be offered to meet the President of the U.S as a game show prize, yet we will have no guarantee of it. The Competition Commission of Pakistan should look into this insane announcement.


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