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Earlier today, news broke out that Ayesha Gulalai had parted ways from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) as this party has no respect for women, and the male members do not honor the dignity of females.


Shireen Mazari conducted a press conference today, where she clearly bashed Ayesha Gulalai for telling lies and trying to defame PTI and Chairman Imran Khan.

Mazari explained that she has never gotten more respect in any other party as she has received in PTI.

Hence, all the allegations that Gulalai is putting against PTI and its chairman are utter lies. She said that all these accusations directly hurt the honor and respect of all the women in this party, and if these women were not respected in the party, they would have left already.

Mazari tells that Ayesha Gulalai demanded the seat of NA-01 from Imran Khan, which Imran Khan did not promise her as no one in the party had yet received the tickets of any seats.

Enraged over this, she decided to leave PTI. If someone wants to leave the party, they can, however they should not leave with wrong accusations. Rumors had it that Gulalai will now be joining PML-N, however, she denied it.


Soon after Shireen Mazari’s press conference was over, Ayesha Gulalai held an urgent press conference where she clarified herself that she never demanded a ticket of NA-01 from Imran Khan. She mentioned that she left the party because she received inappropriate texts by Khan and other male workers of the party.

Gulalai said that the first text message sent to her by Khan was in October 2013 which can be retrieved from his Blackberry, and other text records can be retrieved from PTA.

Gulalai also alleged that she brought into light to Imran Khan, the corruption and corrupt ways of his Chief Minister, Pervez Khattak, but all in vain.


Previously Fauzia Kasuri had also left PTI with similar allegations, claiming that PTI is not the same party it once used to be. Khan was an honest man who promised people their rights, however, the party is surrounded by mafia and corrupt politicians controlling it.

Another similar reason was presented by Naz Baloch, who said that PTI has lost its motive and will to strive towards development and focus on the youth. All older people have taken over the party, and it is no longer the same.

Baloch also said at the time of leaving that she feels as if PTI is a male chauvinist party, in the sense that only male members are involved and given importance to at the time of decision making.

We are still waiting for the leader Imran Khan to speak up for what is going on with his party, and why all these women are leaving! They say they follow Fatima Jinnah, mother of the nation, but other women claim that females in this party are not respected.



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