Ayesha Mumtaz denies allegations

Ayesha Mumtaz, former Director Punjab Food Authority, who came into the limelight with her tough stance against the providers of substandard food, has finally responded to the allegations of corruptions in a video. Known to people through her raids on eateries with unhygienic conditions and use of substandard materials across Punjab, is being investigated in a corruption inquiry being carried out by the Special Branch.

Since her early days, Ayesha Mumtaz used social media to inform the public of the hazardous food practices. She used to shoot videos of the places that Punjab Authority used to seal, so people can see with their own eyes what is actually happening in different cafes’, restaurants etc. And now, she has made her stance clear in the same way, by making a video of herself and sharing it on the social media.

At the start of the video relays that media is being misguided and misinformed. She says that her work and that of Punjab Food Authority has always been in the Public’s eye and relays that her motto has always been to work for the people. Since her joining in June 2015 till October 2016, Ayesha describes that with her staff she has fought the war with the mafia to ensure safe and healthy food for the people.

She clarifies her stance saying, the news being circulated regarding her corruption is by the same mafia. She said that they are working to destroy her name and repute to stop her from taking any action against their activities.

At the end of the video, she gives a strong message to everyone saying that Ayesha Mumtaz is not afraid, she could never be scared before, and she can’t be scared off in the future. She is willing to plead her case on every platform where the government will ask her to.

She is willing to plead her case on every platform where the government will ask her to.

Earlier this month, The Special Branch Police asked the Punjab Food Authority to provide them with names of officers involved in corrupt practices. The Tribune reports that the inquiry led to a junior employee who is suspected to be the front runner in Ayesha Mumtaz’s alleged corrupt operations.

The letter also included Muhammad Arshad, Driver of former DG Asad Islam Mahani, but also Ayesha Mumtaz. He is said to own a house worth Rs3 million in Patoki and two cars and owns a mobile phone worth Rs70,000 to 80,000. He was also allegedly involved in stealing 100 expensive bags of milk out of 500 that were confiscated by PFA. Tribune also reports that a renowned media anchor was also suspected to be the front man of Ayesha Mumtaz.

She is ready for a fight and won’t back down

Ayesha Mumtaz in her self-shot video gave a clear message that she is ready for a fight and won’t back down. She was sent on a forced in October and near the days of her return, she has been dragged into a corruption scandal.


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