Burhan Wani
Burhan Wani

Blocked internet service, mournful faces, shaking bodies with huge protests and slogans – all at the day of Burhan Wani’s martyrdom.

In the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) on 8th July, 2017, the young Wani was martyred by the Indian forces.

That day, the Kashmiris lost their another hero and his martyrdom gave a different life to the struggle freedom in Kashmir.

It’s only Azadi (freedom) that Kashmiris want. Is it too much to ask for?

Burhan of Tral

The young boy was born in 19th September, 1994 at a village of Tral, an area of Pulwama in IOK.

He belonged to an educated family; both his mother and father were teachers.

Boy loved to play cricket and was a fan of Shahid Afridi; he was a topper in his school days.

What made him to join army struggle?

Once, Burhan and his brother were brutally beaten up by the Indian army for no reason. This led Burhan to take the revenge and not let forces to infringe his self-respect.

“Almost everyone in IOK gets beaten up by the Indian army and apparently my son did too. But not everyone became a militant. It depends that how much you can take.

Some stay quiet and someone’s self-respect got challenged. Same was Burhan’s case as he can not let himself to be humiliated. So he was compelled to chose the path of militancy,” Muzaffer Ahmed Wani, Burhan’s father talked to Youth Ki Awaz.

So the boy joined the army struggle on 16th October, 2010 and became a commander of the organisation named, Hizbul Mujahideen.

Burhan – the mastermind

The young fighter was one of those first militants of IOK, who reveal their real face and identity through the social media.

This revealed that Kashmiri struggle is followed by many youngsters from the educated families.

Burhan with his mastermind used to work according to his own schedule and broke more than 20 Indian army crackdowns.

When the struggle of decades will get over in IOK? When will Kashmiris experience the blissful feeling of peace?

Maybe never.

However, in his war zone, Burhan fled smartly many times when Indian forces were ready to caught him.

He used the technology to give a new shape to the freedom struggle in IOK.

The brave young Kashmiri spread his message through the internet to many, that surely caused the restlessness in the Indian camps.

Burhan’s martyrdom

But finally, the depressed and sorrowful day of 8th July, 2016 came when 22-year-old Burhan along with his two colleagues, Sartaj Ahmad Sheikh and Pervaiz Ahmad Lashkari were martyred by the Indian forces.

All of them were brutally martyred in the Bamdoora village of South Kashmir in Kokernag area.

Burhan Wani’s death anniversary

On the same day, after one year, people of IOK mark the death anniversary of their fighter.

Kashmiris mourn the departure of their young boy, their hero, their hope, their Burhan.

So many sacrifices till now and still not even a single way can be found to get rid out of this bloodshed.

Praise to Kashmiris, who have not lost hope even after decades of struggle and killings.


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