Balochistan Liberation Front attack Arab Hunters' Convoy

According to media reports, Balochistan Liberation Front accepted the responsibility of attack on the convoy of Arab Hunters in Panjgur.

On Monday, a team of houbara bustard hunters, led by the Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan was attacked by gunmen in Gichk area of the Panjgur, resulting in damage to the two vehicles.

After, retaliation of area FC (Frontier Corpse), the attackers ran away, and later the convoy of Arab Hunters reached its destined camp safe and sound.

There is no doubt that general public is not welcoming the Arab Royals so openly as the sanctity of our land and nature is being damaged due to their activities. Ruthless hunt of Houbara bustard is simply equal to depletion of natural resource as an endangered species is threatened to become extinct.

Houbara bustard hunting; Nation paying for Sharifs’ interests

If such attack is launched by the Balochistan Liberation Front, a radical Baloch Nationalist party that claims to fight for the rights of Balochi people and discrimination being done to them by the federal govt; then government must consider that whether its policy of bestowing Arab Royals on the cost of Pakistan’s natural resources are actually strenthning the relations or damaging the Pakistans internal stability. It has already faced resistance from the farmers in the form of protest against the hunters, who allegedly destroyed their cheapick crop causing loss.


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