Balu Mahi trailer

The trailer of Usman Khalid Butt and Annie Jaffrey’s upcoming film Balu Mahi is just out and is just and addition to astonishment.

A bride running away on the horse with a stranger on its wedding day does not resonate tragic love story but just depicts the lighter way of life that a current lot of millennials have chosen.

The film seems to be a fresh blow of air for the Pakistani cinema that is struggling to get out of the movies based on traditional stories. The trailer makes it evident that thrill-packed comedy scenes are awaiting your way. You might say “Aisa Kahan hota hai Asal Zindagi Mein” it does not happen in actual life; but what if that fictitious story acts as a complete laughter package for you.

Usman Khalid Butt,  appearing in the role of Balu Mahi mistakenly goes in a wedding ceremony to stop it from happening as the bride is her past love. He just ends up finding another girl who is not willing to marry; the sudden couple just runs away from the scene, and the fun begins with their adventure and endeavors to bear with each other.

The role of the fantastic Shafqat Cheema might make you feel that it is an orthodox movie, but here it is opposite; the man also turns out to be just another funny element which makes the hero and heroine to act in more nonsense way.

Earlier, the teaser trailer of a Qawali in Balu Mahi, had emerged, suggesting that movie is nothing but a traditional love story.

Although the song is also an addition to the coming year’s list of repeat music tracks one may like to have on his playlist, but for the movie, it is a compliment making it a complete package for viewers. Balu Mahi is all set to release in Pakistani cinemas on 10th February 2017.

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