Supreme Court ban Alchol

Supreme Court has revoked the ban on alcohol by Sindh High Court after alcohol sellers had filed a petition in SC to appeal against the Sindh High court’s ruling on the prohibition of the sale of liquor.

Advocate Asma Jahangir and Shahid Hamid represented the case for wine dealers in Supreme Court.

Case hearing took place under the presidency of Justice Saqib Nisar presided the three-membered bench for case hearing. Member of National Assembly, Dr Ramesh Kumar also narrated his stance by saying that selling and drinking of alcohol are also banned in all the religious scriptures of Hindus. Earlier, he had filed the petition to prohibit the sale of alcohol.

Justice Saqib Nisar dismissed Dr Ramesh’s stance saying it to be on the religious basis. He told that court was dealing with a legal matter so it wouldn’t see whether religion forbids it or not.

Supreme Court referred the matter back to Sindh High Court and ordered to complete the hearing on an immediate basis.

On October 27, Sindh High Court has ordered the provincial government to close down all the bars in the province immediately. A petition was filed in the Sindh High Court against the illegal licenses of alcohol bars in the Sindh. The request lead to the ban on alcohol in the province. During the hearing, the court had ordered to annul the licenses of all the bars and start the issuance of the permit after analysing the occasion’s on which liquor consumption is legal.

It should be noted that law allows the minorities to sell and drink alcohol for their events.



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