Ban on Uber and Careem in Pakistan

After the ban on Careem and Uber in Punjab, people couldn’t resist to criticize such a hostile act of Punjab government and took to social media for expressing their sentiments in enough satirical ways.

The sudden ban simply deprived 20,000 people of their jobs

People came up with very sound arguments against this ban, but few expressions were quite enough in explaining the actual motive behind the ban.

Here is how decades old PTV drama accurately fit best on the situation today.

Few pieces of evidence proved that claim of government’s ban by security and fitness was quite absurd.

There were those who accurately highlighted the broader interests of the government.

If the government is eyeing on the revenues of Careem and Uber and want to mint money from these cab service providers, then it could have come up with better reasons like regulations of e-commerce business, or the way other online service providers operate in Pakistan.

Reasons like Safety and tax measures have proven lame as in first case government would have to launch a crackdown against every such vehicle, and in the second instance it can’t ask both the services to pay taxes on revenues from the car as reasons are quite obvious. The government should have taken time in banning a service that can provide 50,000 to 80,000 as salary to a person who has nothing to do but use his vehicle.


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