Bano Qudsia's birthday

Who is not familiar with the Bano Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmed, the most famous literary couple in the history of Pakistan. Starting from the corridors of Government College Lahore, their love story and personal life experiences echoed in the vast heavens of Urdu literature. Unfortunately, late Ashfaq Ahmed is no more with us, but we are lucky to have Bano Qudsia well known as Bano Apa, as today the elegant lady celebrates her 88th Birthday.

Whether they are existential crises, love life, class difference or very nature of human behaviour, all these elements depict very well in Bano Qudsia’s writings. The presence of individuality can never be denied in Bano Apa’s books. Her book Raja Gidh gained immense popularity on the international level and also became the bestseller. The reader can’t resist enchantment brought to him by the powerful writing style of Bano Qudsia.  By Using the metaphor of vultures to describe the human nature and extent to which it can go for fulfilling his desires, she has beautifully described the essence of human life on the Earth.

Any connoisseurs of literature can’t always read any masterpiece of Bano Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmed without peeking into their personal life. Somehow, it is the interactive experiences of the lives of the couple that often reflected in their literature. Here is the rare interview of the couple with lawyer and anchor person Naeem Bukhari where he tries to unfold the different aspects of couple’s life. The show also takes help from critics like Amjad Salam Amjad, Mustansir Hussain Tarar and the actor Firdous Jamal who personally worked with Ashfaq Ahmed’s dramas most famous of these was Man Chaley Ka Soda.

Apart from Raja Gidh, other famous literary pieces of Bano Qudsia include the Hasil Ghat, Bazgasht. Amr Bail, Footpath ki Ghaas, Dosra Darwaza, Doosra Qadam, Tamaseel, Tawajah ki Taalib, Lagan Apni Apni. No doubt that Pakistan’s literature circle owed


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