Barber cutting hair with hammer and cleaver

We all have haircuts, right? Yea except for the hippies and malangs. Most youngsters want hair styles that are neat and chiselled like the famous army cut.

Haircuts can be a nerve-wracking experience, but this man seems to have kept his cool – even though his barber is using a MEAT CLEAVER and a hammer.

The unusual tactic for a short back and sides shows the barber hammering on the cleaver to give his client a close cut.

The bizarre cut does seem to be fraught with danger, but the man in the chair is relaxed as he sits in silence. Despite the meat cleaver being millimetres away from his ear, the man receiving the haircut does not seem to flinch at all.

The footage was shared by Twitter user @OSAY_it_aint_so, who is based in Houston, Texas – but some believe the clip was taken in Morocco.

Is it crazy? Yea? But not riskier than travelling in Pakistan International Airlines, the PIA.

People took to Twitter to comment on the unique technique, with one person writing: ‘Someone starts this man a “go fund me” for proper tools, this gave me so much anxiety.’

Another added in surprise: “How can it be sharp enough to cut hair yet not cut his skin with the force of a hammer behind it?”

So will you let him cut your hair?


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