Basant in Lahore

Basant has remained one of the liveliest events in the cultural history of Lahore. The Punjab cabinet is considering to uplift the ban from the celebration of this youthful event that was a speciality of Lahore and attracted foreigners from all over the world.

Basant that is deemed to be a festivity celebrated to welcome the colourful spring and say goodbye to the gloomy autumn was banned by the Punjab Govt. Due to increased incidents of deaths caused during the kite flying.

Now when the Govt. is in deciding phase for the revival of this festival for promoting cultural activity in the country, a strong response from the masses has emerged in the form of rising twitter trend Basant Khooni Tehwar (Basant as a lively festival).

There is no doubt that lack of administration and regulations for the festivals have caused a huge loss to human lives but this does not mean that abolishment of the festival should be the final solution.

The fear of death should not bar someone from giving up on the life, or increased road accidents should not compel the ban on road or traffic the same implies for the Basant. Ridiculously, Basant which is a cultural event of Lahore is labelled as an Indian festival by the Twitter users, who think Pakistani youth should better give up on this cultural event. Here are the tweets that cite different reasons for people to say no to the kite-flying event that has the significant role in proving Lahore, the city of hospitable.


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