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Baskin Robbins finally lands in Lahore

baskin robbins
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How many times have you gone to Dubai, had Baskin Robbins every single day there, and cried on the last day wishing you had it in Lahore as well?

Well, a bit too many times, I suppose. I remember when I went to Saudi Arabia this summer, I used to have ice cream at Baskin Robbins sometimes even twice a day! And on my last day, I was super sad because we didn’t have this ice cream parlor here.

But I guess we don’t have to linger on anymore for it to open here, because FINALLY (and alhamdulillah!!!) it’s opening in Lahore!

Baskin robbins
Photo source: Google

After months of seeing ‘Coming Soon’ on the banner of Baskin Robbins in Packages Mall, Lahore, the wait is finally over.

It’s opening on the 11th of October. But that’s not it, following their slogan ’31 flavors’ (so you can have 31 different flavors every day of any month), BR is offering free ice cream for the WHOLE year to its first 31 customers. Who’s up for it?!

We really can’t wait for the opening; let’s see how many of you actually get the pass to having free Baskin Robbins for a whole year! Good luck, sweeties!

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