Baywatch trailer

The first official trailer of the Hollywood movie Baywatch is finally out, and it almost misses the Priyanka Chopra, who hardly makes a one-second appearance just to blink out.

We wonder whether the lady has to play any role in the movie or not. For Priyanka, the Baywatch movie, the team, and entire experience was a reason to say thanks on this Thanksgiving.  In India and Pakistan, the Baywatch is being awaited not because of its story, any uniqueness or something surprising but the most probable reason is the Priyanka’s acting.

Here is the official trailer of the Baywatch.

After the first trailer of the film was out, Twitter popped up with unusual responses. Mostly users badly missed and also ridiculed such short-lived appearance of the actress.

Few even didn’t like that fraction of second marked by Priyanka’s appearance.

But this was more amazing


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