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Beaconhouse School System is one of the most prestigious institutions in all of Pakistan today, thanks to its dedicated teachers and hardworking students.

It has been reported that students of Beaconhouse School have clean swiped their O/A levels examination by attaining the highest number of A*’s and A grades. Amazing isn’t it?

The Beaconhouse schools have been divided into three different geographical regions in Pakistan:

  • The north region, comprising of KPK, Northern Punjab, and Islamabad
  • The central region, comprising of central Punjab
  • The southern region, comprising of Southern Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan

Total number of A grades:

So the class of 2017 stood out by bagging a total of 17,254 A grades. The regional division of these grades are as follows:

  • Northern region: In total, 620 A* and A grades were achieved by students who took the A levels exam, and 3887 A*s and A grades were achieved by students who took the O levels exams.
  • Central region: A total of 752 A*s and A grades in A levels and 6448  A*s and A grades were recorded from this geographical region.
  • Southern region: 747 A*s and A’s were recorded in this region in A levels, offered in six campuses across the region. There were about 4800 A*s and A grades bagged by students in O levels studying across 11 campuses.

This shows that not only Mawra Hocane has amazed us with her remarkable result in LLB, but these Beaconhouse students are smart, and are a pride of our nation!


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