Beauty and the Beast

Blockbuster Disney film Beauty and the Beast which is smashing the box-office records across the globe faces ban in Kuwait.

Privately owned Kuwait National Cinema company withdrew the film four days after the screening to review the content and later banned it.

Beauty and the Beast had outraged certain audience for portraying a gay moment. It is the first every Disney film to openly feature a gay character Le Fou, the bumbling sidekick of Gaston.

More religious and conservative audience around the globe has widely criticized Beauty and the Beast for exhibiting a Gay moment, although this is for the first time 100 years old company has come up with such manifestation.

While banning the film company said on its official Twitter account, “Dear customers: we would like to inform you that management of the Kuwait National Cinema Company has decided to bar the beauty and the beast.”

“The decision is in line with company’s responsibilities and principles towards young customers.”

The film that features the Hollywood sensation Emma Watson in the lead character is breaking the records across the globe. It managed to grab the $357 million in total in its opening week.

At one side when conservatives are criticizing Disney for such bold move, there are certain factions that happy that company finally depicted any LGBT so openly.

Still, the matter is controversial; many people find such characters very offensive. In Pakistan, drama audience had complained PEMRA about a Hum Tv play that allegedly showed homosexual content, but the film is being aired in the cinemas and it has not seen the ban.


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