Best places to have Iftari at in Lahore this Ramadan!


Lahori food is known to be the best, and that’s all thanks to our wonderful restaurants who come up with dishes and tastes that are so magical, one instantly falls in love with them!

Lahoris have a sweet tooth and love going to places to try out desserts, that’s why I listed 6 best places here for desserts! Similarly, Ramadan is all about fancy iftaris. Here’s a list of the 6 best places to go to for Iftari this Ramadan!

  1. Arcadian Cafe:


Here’s every reason why you need to go to Arcadian Cafe for an Iftari this Ramadan! They offer you the following things in Rs. 1925 + tax. Oh and you’ll have a lot of desserts!

-Iftar Platter:
Chicken Wings
Chicken Sandwich
Fruit Salad

-Soups :
Chicken Corn Soup
Cream of Chicken Soup

Caesar Salad

Main Course:
Chicken Mexicana
Poulet Grille
Red Dragon Chicken
Poulet Aux Pollo
Diablo Prawn Noodles
Sun Tzu Chicken
Thai Fiery Hot Beef
Fish Chilli Dry
Deep Pan Pizza (Served Fresh on Table)
Sautéed Vegetables
Fettuccine Pasta
Beef Tornadoes
Wok Fried Vegetables
Lasagne Chicken
Pan Fried Fish
Mashed Potatoes
Garlic Rice
Egg Fried Rice

-Kids Menu

French Fries
Chicken Strips

You’d be lying if you said you aren’t tempted. Just go there and try out the this Iftar buffet, you’ll love it!

2. Tuscany Courtyard:


Tuscany Courtyard is well known and is basically the famous restaurant from Islamabad. It opened up in Lahore a few months ago, and Lahoris are going crazy over the wonderful food it offers. The Iftari menu at Tuscany looks pretty amazing since it is offering us an Italian touch, take a look at it:


And this is just the menu for week one! We’re excited to see what Tuscany Courtyard has to offer us in the upcoming weeks.

3. Cafe Aylanto:


Cafe Aylanto, also known as one of the most expensive restaurants in Lahore. However, we still love going there because of the mouth-watering food it offers us! Every bite is worth every penny we pay.

We now have its iftari menu, here’s what they offer us in Rs. 2395+tax!



4. X2 Cafe:


X2 Cafe has a really good reputation for having amazing buffet deals since forever! Here’s a look at the Iftar menu it’s offering, all in Rs. 1975+tax!



5. Cafe Nataliya by Redolence:


Cafe Nataliya is a comparatively newer restaurant as compared to the others in this list. However, it has made its mark in the race of offering amazing hi-tea and buffets. Now, it offers a great Ramadan Iftari cum Dinner deal, only in Rs. 1250+tax! The following is the menu offered by Cafe Nataliya for week one of Ramadan.


6. Tenerife Cafe:


Tenerife Cafe has a beautiful interior and is loved by anyone who tries the food here. Last year their Iftari was all the hype in Lahore, here’s what they offer us this year all in Rs. 1695+tax!


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