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Hurricane Harvey has caused catastrophic destruction, especially in the form of floods, in the southeastern region of Texas, U.S. In the past 4 days, it has killed about 9 people, and is recorded to be the most severe storm to have hit the U.S in the past 12 years.

Pastor Joel Osteen is the owner of the biggest church in all of Texas, which can accommodate about 16,000 people at a time and on average 52,000 people visit it weekly. While the biggest church there should have been the one to take in and shelter victims of the destructive floods, unfortunately, it closed doors for them. An announcement was made on Facebook, which read as follows:

“Lakewood Church is inaccessible due to severe flooding! We want to help make sure you are safe”

However, Mosques have their doors opened for everyone, regardless of faith and religion, and the people there are trying to save everyone possible.


Four days, and still going on, however, not a single word from  Trump regarding this issue, no help assigned for the victims. While churches close their doors, and Trump targets Islam for terrorism, Mosques are keeping their doors open for these flood victims.


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