Bilawal Bhutto's Diwali Celebrations

It only requires a spark to lit a fire, and for Indian media, it just needs just a small, relatable event to initiate propaganda for promoting instability in Pakistan.

At times things become so ridiculous at the part of Indian Media that is hell bent on spreading the anti-Pakistan rhetoric out of absurd things that are utterly irrelevant. Same sort of response emerged after the Chairman PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) Bilawal Bhutto visited Shiv Mandar in Clifton on the eve of Diwali.

Propagating an opinion through media that can spur instability in the rival country is the best tactic indeed, and Indian media doesn’t miss even a bit of chance to sponsor chaos in Pakistan.

Sindh has a notable minority of Hindu community as compared to the other province of Pakistan. The provincial government is already taking steps top promote interfaith harmony and to allow minorities a friendly environment where they can practice their faith according to their desires.

For a responsible media outlet that believes in promoting truth, the act of Bilawal Bhutto to celebrate Diwali with Hindu community was a way to promote harmony, love, and peace among all the religious communities. The PPP chairman had also appreciated that Hindu community celebrated their festivity with much simplicity for showing solidarity with victims of Quetta attack.

The issue is that silly Indian Media has always taken the lead in molding the facts and impacting its audience minds in a way that they are compelled to perceive what is not evidently true.

Earlier the same media tried to publicize perception if Fawad Khan is involved in money laundering. Indian media should better know that Fawad is way much sexy enough to maintain the status of “apple of the Indians’ eyes” despite such allegations aimed at deteriorating the image of this actor.

Indian media should better get a life, the act of celebrating Diwali along with Hindu community at Shiv Mandar was just to express solidarity with Hindu citizens of Pakistan, even the political parties opponent to the PPP didn’t criticize this act, then who are you?


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