Bilawal for Jinnah’s Pakistan

When Bilawal came into the politics after the demise of his mother, I had reservations as I always hated the politics which is governed by the families, but deep inside I had some expectations from this Oxford returned kid: Bilawal proved to be an atrocious and wretched fellow. Bilawal for Jinnah’s Pakistan is nothing but downcasting and incompetency.

Yesterday he addressed a public gathering in the Daharki area of Daharki sub-district. Bilawal said “enough was enough” during his speech in his usual Bhutto’s imitated style. Yes, Bilawal enough is enough, stop being a puppet in the hands of your father, he is a master in earning money through corruption, he is the leader of corrupts. He will never devise a way to make you a public darling, a real leader. So give it a thought. “Imran Khan should tell the people about his father Ikramullah Niazi”, he said. Yes, he should but what about your dad?

He said Mian Sahib is prime minister and not the king. He said this is the democracy and not the kingship of Takht-e-Raiwind. Yes correct, we all agree with that. But Bilawal what about the previous tenure of PPP, it was democracy?? And seeing you speaking while senior, experienced and capable leaders like Qamar Zaman Qaira, Aitzaz Ahsan standing behind you is amoral. Aren’t they proving themselves courtiers of Prince Bilawal?

He presented four demands to PML-N. Democratic accountability on terrorism, democratic accountability on Panama, economic justice in projects like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and democratically responsible foreign minister were a must. No doubt these demands are worth presenting, but do Bilawal truly knows what CPEC is? Does he know, in PPP previous tenure, their Prime Minister was dismissed from office as he did not willing to write a letter to Swiss banks to clutch the corruption of Asif Ali Zardari?

He said Pakistan was being isolated in the world due to the policies of the prime minister. He said a full-time foreign minister should be appointed. (Totally agrees)

“Zulfikar Bhutto glorified Pakistan, and you (Nawaz) destroyed it. Pakistan is becoming isolated because of your policies,” he said.

Why is that if some bad times comes they resort to their other surnames? , like Maryam Nawaz changed to Maryam Safdar (Muhammad Safdar filed the reply in the Supreme court on her behalf, earlier Nawaz said he has nothing to do with her) as panamagate came in court. We all know well that she has nothing to do with Safdar. She has to decide is she Maryam Safdar or Maryam Nawaz? Same goes with the Bilawal, Bilawal Zardari or Bilawal Bhutto?


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