Miserable condition of health sector in Pakistan

PTI has just issued a white paper about the worse condition of the health sector in Punjab. Opposition leader of Punjab Mian Mehmood Ur Rasheed has said concerning the World Health Organization (WHO) there should be at least one doctor for 1000 patients, one dentist for 200 people and one nurse for taking care of 5 patients.

Due to the flawed policies of Punjab government, there is only one doctor for 2173 patients, one dentist for 400 individuals. He remarked that health sector is like a backbone for any country, it is the responsibility of governments to take necessary steps for providing the best facilities of healthcare to its people. Here, rulers are willing to spend 200 billion Rupees on projects like Orange Line Metro Train, but they can’t care for the loss of precious human lives that is attributed to lack of facilities in the health sector.

The report also came up with very shocking revelations too. Almost 40% drugs being sold in Punjab are fake and substandard, apart from this, illegal drugs and injections are also readily available in the medical stores.

He also exposed the disturbing fact that growth rate of diseases in Punjab is also escalating.

There are 3.4 million T.B patients in Punjab with an increase of every two 0.2 million every year.

Due to drinking of contaminated water, the number of hepatitis patients has risen to 7 million with an annual increase of 0.3 million.

The condition of children hospitals is also worse. The number of kids awaiting operation in Children Hospital Lahore has risen to 11 thousand in numbers, those who need an immediate surgery are asked to wait for the eight years. A period of 8 years is given to heart patients for waiting.

In civil hospitals of Punjab, only two people out of 100 manage to get the free medication. Mayo Hospital which is biggest in the Asia there doesn’t exist any MRI machine.

From the 2450 primary healthcare sectors in Punjab, more than 50% are non-functional.

In Punjab, every 115 out of 100,000 women die during the delivery. In the financial year 2015-16, almost 24.50 billion Rupees were allowed for developmental projects in healthcare systems in Punjab, but the performance remained to be zero. Approximately 200 million Rupees were assigned for interior decoration and maintenance of public hospitals in Punjab, but no development has been observed.

Surgical Tower in Myu Hospital, Bonemarrow in Children Hospital, Burn Unit of Jinnah Hospital or Institute of Neuro Center in Jinnah Hospital nothing could become complete and capable of providing services.

Public witnessed the government’s performance only on in the form of large advertisements in newspapers. Poor people died in hospital corridors waiting to be served, but rulers were busy in planning bridges, and roads to come up with more promising ads.


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